Chocobo Expansion (Texture and Realms Update)

This is an addon that adds Chocobo from the Final Fantasy game series into MCPE. All Chocobo are balanced to be powerful but they don’t really change the game, if something are not or finding issues just tell me that on my discord and ill take the update in few to make it better and more playable!

Red chocobo – can use nether portal, they give fire resistance and can jump 22 high block and don’t get Fall damage!

Blue chocobo – can run really fast on water although they get damaged when they fall from high blocks!

Green chocobo – is a powerful Chocobo in the overworld!

White and Yellow chocobo – doesn’t have any strong ability, but they are easy to tame! 

Yellow chocobo – do noting special but they are more then horse and they can be chested too! 

Gysahl – is a fruit that can be use to tame a chocobo or make a soup to give you an effect, to get gysahl you need to find a chocobo trader in Savannah or in plain biomes but they have a rare spawnrate.   
-Blue gysahl soop gives water_breathing effect during 128 Sec 
-Red gysahl soop gives fire_resistance effect during 15 Sec 
-Green gysahl soop gives speed effect during 15 Sec 
-white gysahl soop gives night_vision during 64 Sec 
-yellow gysahl soop gives slow_falling during 15 Sec 
-Chocobo curry give regenération 4.5 sec
-steak and wing chocobo  just give lots of saturated and food

List of mob they give gil in loot table

-pillager , witch , vindication_illager , skeleton , zombie , zombie_pigman

Trader use gil and exp for Economy

-Realms Version are done (Use golden carrot for tame and others)Join my discord for get files!

-Note: this is a beta version there’s a possiblity for bugs or crash your game, we recommend to make a copy of your world before activating this add-on 

-you can report bugs or give some suggestion to improve this addon on my discord server

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