Connected Textures

This texture pack tweaks some of the textures (such as glass and grass blocks) to make them look more clean. It’s really useful if you don’t want to change to an entire new texture pack but at the same time want to clean up some of the “annoying” textures in Minecraft. It was originally created for the PC version of Minecraft but it’s now ported to work for Pocket Edition as well.

Updated Items:

  • Wooden Logs
  • Brighter Nether Blocks
  • Clean Glass
  • Dark Oak Saturation
  • Grass Sides
  • Lower Fire
  • Mycelium Sides
  • Neutral End Rods
  • Old Gravel
  • Podzol Sides
  • Smoother Stones
  • Snow Sides
  • Sticky Piston Sides
  • Trasparent Pumpkin
  • Wither Hearts
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