Doctor Strange Addon

The Doctor Strange addon by Keyyard is your entry into the Marvel universe as an Avenger. With this addon, you can use spells, control portals, and fly through your world! There is a few things you do need to do before you can obtain these powers though, so before using any kind of magic make sure that you have spawned all magic. You can spawn it through the new spawn eggs in your inventory, or do the command /function active.

Portals are how Doctor Strange can get to places insanely quickly. Search for Portals in the inventory, and spawn a starting portal, and a destination portal in your world, and you can travel through the starter, and within seconds you will be transported to the destination portal. In the marvel movies, Strange uses this to move around much quicker, but the portals will go away after a short period of time to prevent your enemies from entering. 

This Addon also gives you the power to use shields. They are a entity, that when holding the spawn spell for, will appear in front of you. They do move around quite a bit, but when you turn, this will follow to always be in front of you. It makes for a more realistic item than the standard shield in the game.

Cloak and Necklace of levitation:
Walk into it and you will equip it, then it will be on your back similar to how an elytra works. It only acts as a cosmetic feature, but in the future the creator plans to update it to be functional. Hint: You can wear the cloak and an elytra for semi-functionality.

Eye of Agamotto; the time stone:
This has the ability to manipulate time. It replaces the emerald, which is a good fit since it is another type of green stone in the game. When you hold it, all enemies and other things will slow down, but the sky moves faster which is an interesting effect, but hard to show in an image.

The ancient one’s punch:
Whenever you punch another player, lightning will come down from the skies, and they will be severely damaged. To make this effect work, you must be outside, and you must use a trident, which this item replaces. It is almost impossible to show this with an image, because it happens so fast.

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