DS Lobby Terrain

This is a beautiful custom terrain lobby made in world painter by Ash from DarkSide. It was originally intended to be a minigames map, but didn’t fit, so it was released as a standalone map. It has bridges, hot air balloons, medieval and fantasy style houses and much more. The map also has all of the spaces you need to get things set up, such as a path system, main game house, where you select the minigame to play, and other scenic things to explore.

Default image
Ash @ DarkSide


  1. Its a great map, but the minigames don’t work at all! I made my own minigames inside of the houses, and made an elytra game too!

  2. Wanna clarify the confusion, this is not build by us but we have bought the rights to it and paid the original creator much more then we earned from it

  3. This was taken from that one website, Planet Minecraft.

    • Could you please link to where its taken from?

    • If you are trying to report content, do it in the Forum. If you are here to troll, then please don’t comment with false facts. If you report it in the Forum with a link or similar proof, one of the admins will look into it for you.

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