1. Lol the best map ever and can you please add a new feature including something from 1.14?

  2. Really Good But I found a bug…I wasn’t able to finish the game after I got the coins

  3. Best Scary Map Ever

  4. Spooky…Like Me…

  5. Hmm 🧐 Noice 👍

  6. Excuse me why those everyone get confused I am in the last warning staff! I am the official publisher of his maps if u don’t believe me just ask last warning ok 👌

    • This is a map by the creator Last Warning, not AshishX. Stop stealing!

      • If u might have not known I am the staff at last warning’s I am a publisher of his maps so if u did not know that well now u know lol and if u don’t believe me pls ask last warning yourself thank u 😊

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