Green Roof Palace

The green roof palace is a massive build that was brought over to the bedrock edition by SkyGames for you to enjoy. It features a massive palace in the middle of a magical forest biome that was created with some terrain editing tools. The roof is green because it is made up of prismarine, an expensive block found in ocean monuments.

This content is originally by InareQ, but SkyGames has received permission to upload it.

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SkyGames Official


  1. This is a great creation that is nice, but it was stolen by SkyGames. I think the site admins should ban SG from uploading and having an account here, because you are just fueling the fire.

  2. It’s well-known that Skygames steals and converts maps from Java builders. But I’m really wondering why allows such a thing. Current example: This Map was stolen from Planet Minecraft, without naming the creator either on the website or on the map. They asked in the comments if they can use the map when they give credits, but they did not.

    My question: why is this allowed?

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