Item Island


Welcome to Item Island, a new way of playing skyblock!

Inspired by Wilbur Soot’s skyblock series, McMCPE presents a new and twisted version of one of the most classical Minecraft maps to date.


The gameplay is usual skyblock survival. However, your continuation of survival may depend on what lies inside in what are called “item chests”. These chests have a random item that corresponds to the biome theme of the islands. For example, the starting island is basically a normal forest biome so you’ll receive items such as wood, sticks, flowers, etc. The chests will receive a random item every 30 seconds which is shown on a scoreboard. Be careful of putting items inside these chests or else you’ll lose them after 30 seconds is up (since the chests replace anything inside with a new random item). Every island has an “item chest” except for the End Island.


The game starts off by putting the players on an grass island with a tree. Players have access to the item chest of the island and an actual chest that contains a goal book and a music disk (I’ll let you figure out which disk it is ;> ).  Players can use the goal book to give themselves an objective to accomplish while surviving. The rest is up to you.

So what are you waiting for? Good luck surviving!

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