Longfield Modern Mansion

Escape the world (and zombies) in this huge modern mansion with a helipad, aircraft landing pad and hanger, defense wall, and lavish recreational spaces (including a cinema, gym, pool, etc.). This is the first of three updates. Each update will include more commands to enhance your experience. Please comment below or join our discord with suggestions!

Enter into the lobby through automatic sliding doors. Here you can access the snug, a guest bedroom, the garage, and the day toilet. 

Hide away in this small and cozy room designed like an old smoking room from the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Why not have a car on hand in case you need to get away quickly by ground. Here you can park up to three cars (depending on which addon you use).

Fancy a cinematic experience? Off the kitchen is this huge cinema built into the basement.
Hidden deep under the house is this secret bunker. [CLUE] Access is somewhere near the bottom of the main staircase…

From The Outside

Here is the place to land your private plane. This hanger’s remodel will be finished for the next update.
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  1. Wow! How do I make maps this good? Mine always turn out bad.

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