Mega Mobs Addon

This addon is a great (and weird) challenge! Play in a survival world with these mobs, and you will soon realize how easily they will crush you. They are much larger than the player, and more powerful which are two key advantages they have when fighting other, smaller mobs. In this addon, you will also find other things, like crazy leaf and grass colors, and more. This addon is the exact opposite of the Baby Mobs Addon that was reviewed earlier.

Mob Specifications:

  • Zombie now deals 30% more damage
  • Creeper now deals 40% more damage
  • Chicken egg at the time of throwing generates a tnt
  • XP Bottle now goes up 1 level for each glass used
  • Slime is now 10 times larger and removes 5 hearts
  • Magma Cube now removes 5 hearts and is 7 times larger
  • Skeleton now deals 8 more damage
  • Spider is now 6 times bigger
  • Drowned now is 3 times bigger
  • TNT now when exploding does a range of destruction of 15 blocks and leaves fire to explode
  • Entities have custom skin
  • All the mentioned entities now have 3 times more life

Drops and loot:

  • Mobs drop different amounts of loot but the same type
  • Chicken now drops 1-5 pieces of raw chicken
  • Cow drops 2-4 pieces of leather and 2-6 raw beef
  • Creeper now drops 4-8 gunpowder
  • Enderman drops 1-3 pearls
  • Magma cubes drop 2-6 magma balls
  • Pigs drop from 1-4 chops
  • Skeletons drop from 2-9 arrows and 2-4 bones
  • Slimes drop from 0-2 diamonds
  • Zombie has a higher chance of dropping carrots
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