Minecon Live 2019

Watch this year's Minecon Live! New biomes, new blocks, and more cool things announced!

Minecon Live is a show that is hosted by Mojang to showcase all of the new features coming in the year. This year, they have announced a new biome to get overhauled, and many more cool things.

This year, Mojang have decided to announce three new biomes for their players to choose from. They will be announcing the Badlands, Swamp, and Mountains. Each of these existing biomes will have lots of new features added to it, to improve the experience, without taking away from the game.

Realms Plus, an upgraded Realms subscription will also be released for $7.99 (£ 6.50) and allow you to use Marketplace content in your realms. It will still have 10 Player slots, but will have this feature.

Along with Realms Plus, they announced the Character Creator, a new way to be yourself in Minecraft. It will let you change lots of aspects of your person, such as limbs, height, and other variables. With it comes emotes. Using the animation abilities that were added to Addons, you can now dance, spin around, wave your hands, and more.

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