We got early access to Minecraft Earth…

As the title above suggests, yes, we have Minecraft earth! If you don’t already know, Minecraft earth is Minecraft, but Pokemon Go style. It is entirely a mobile game, that makes great use of the mobile screen size and orientation. The goal is to physically go to different locations on the map, and collect the piles of resources that are sitting around. You can also build things, place them on build plates, and share them in real-time with friends.

Please understand that this is not a full release, and there were lots of bugs. A complete review of the early-access version will be coming soon.

Since the message was sent to us about 10 minutes ago, there was not enough time to do a full review, but from the UI, to the sounds and animations, it looks great! This does not follow the regular Minecraft itemset, and introduces new items and mobs like the ruby, and the muddy pig.


This is an early access release, so the buildplates function was not working, and just caused the app to crash. This will be updated as the app is changed, and fixed. A video review will be coming sometime soon after the fixes for buildplates and the amount of crashing goes down.

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