Monster Arena

 How to Play:
First, the host of the map must set the number of players. All players who want to play must then enter the portal in the spawn room. Once the set number of players has been reached, the game begins. When the game starts, players can enter the store for the first time to buy their equipment.
During the rounds, killed monsters drop coins that can be spent on new equipment. The shop opens every 2nd round. Players who survive a round receive 5 Sparks, if they die, they lose 2 Sparks. With the Sparks, players can buy skills in the Spark Shop (accessible via the water portal in the shop). The current skills are “Field of Healing,” “Field of Strength,” “Helping Cat,” and “Helping Golem.” The Spark Shop opens after the 5th round. To activate the item from the Spark Store, you must click on the ground in the arena with them. The final consists of several waves. A wave does not end until all monsters have been killed. Players can not be revived during the final.

Creator Message:

The map is currently in version 1.0. This means that the gameplay is not final and it may contain bugs. If you notice any unusual behavior or you have suggestions for changes, feel free to submit your feedback

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