More Monsters Addon

Do you want to find overpowered mobs that require you to step up your survival game? This addon changes the values for lots of the hostile mobs, making them really difficult to defeat, and adding a great deal of difficulty to what would be hard difficulty.

Upgraded Entities:

  • fast zombie, fast husk, and fast drowned
  • big zombie, big husk, and big drowned
  • fire-bomb-shooting skeleton
  • dark-bomb-shooting skeleton
  • fast-shooting skeleton
  • zombie-summoning skeleton
  • big wither skeleton and huge wither skeleton
  • fire creeper
  • fast silverfish
  • fast-shooting witch
  • multi-shooting witch
  • small enderman
  • fast-shooting blaze
  • fire-stream blaze
  • fast-shooting ghast
  • super-fast-shooting ghast
  • fast multi-shooting ghast
  • more mobs coming soon


Update 2 (3 new mobs and a bug fix):

  • Added fast-shooting skeleton.
  • Added fast silverfish
  • Added fire creeper
  • Fixed bug where skeletons would not shoot properly when in water

Update 3 (8 new types of mobs):

  • fast-shooting witch
  • multi-shooting witch (shoots three potions at a time)
  • small enderman (does more damage than normal enderman and inflicts weakness for 20 seconds)
  • fast-shooting blaze
  • fire-stream blaze (shoots more often than normal blaze and shoots 10 fire balls at a time).
  • fast-shooting ghast
  • super-fast-shooting ghast
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