Music Pack

This is a fun music pack that was created for you to enjoy. Since it is music and not a map or addon, there are no images, but rather we have provided you with a sound link.

  1. Download the pack and import to Minecraft
  2. Apply it to a world under the resources tab
  3. Load the world and type any of these commands:
    /playsound music.shark
    /playsound music.rave
    /playsound music.down
    /playsound music.frog
    /playsound music.a
    /playsound music.holdup
    /playsound music.fault
    /playsound music.pdp
    /playsound music.pimps
    /playsound music.winner
    /playsound music.reload
    /playsound music.reload.full
    /playsound music.salsa
    /playsound music.shady
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