Pat’s Island Survival

Welcome to The World Of Pdtheyoutuber, AKA Island Survival
This world is a fully survival experience, with some of the features that a modded LP has. You can find 5 main areas where I work. The Jungle, which is currently in the process of being updated. The Desert, that contains a huge naturally generated desert pyramid, which I have remade into an automation center. The Farm is where I store my pets, there is everything normal like a chicken coop, all the way to a dog barn, that holds 30 dogs (or cats). The Monument is where I will set up a farming operation, for guardians, and I will also eventually make a glass duplicator. The Base is where I do lots of stuff, like test new farms, and best of all, it is connected by a huge railway system that connects all of these 5 huge places.

Project loops and arches:
This is an ongoing project, and the whole goal is to make a rail system that goes 20,000 blocks long, in each direction. At every stop along the way, there will be a resting station, and other things like an automatic minecart switching station. The stops are created to be as efficient as possible, with a bounce-back system, so the minecarts don’t get stuck at one stop. Along with the bounce-back system, there is a built in request system, because there will always be one minecart at each stop, and they rotate stops every 5 minutes.

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