Pixel Playground

Pixel Playground is the largest pixel art world, with tons of structures ranging from The Simpsons, to Minecraft Nether Reactor core blocks. It is a large community driven pixel art map project which lets anyone from the Minecraft community submit his or her own art and have it added to the map. Currently there are 353 regular pixel art builds and 22 mega pixel art build. In each new update of the map Fizzman797 (the main creator of the map) will add 20 new pixel arts and 1 mega pixel art, as well as the pixel art submitted by the community

Credits: Fizzman797 Xboxgamer1776, XxCreeper2005xX, thienky8, CaramelLight350, DefaltDaBro, Soppiestdeads, ReVon79, Green Leaf Pony, BlakeWM, MrSparkyBro, pdtheyoutuber

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