This is an exclusive and simplified version created by Sinphox of the popular Minecraft Skyblock map, originally created by Noobcrew, for the Bedrock Edition.

This version is improved in certain aspects that the other maps of Skyblock lacked.

  • Animals and mobs are generated. *
  • The islands are in a plain biome.
  • The need to go to the nether was omitted; after going for the first time there was no need to return.**
  • There is no flat land nor main lands. Just void. Careful!
  • Based on the original Skyblock map with visually updated islands.

* The generation of mobs and animals was tested in Android and Windows 10 edition.
** Creating the portal and traveling to the nether was only necessary to do it once to get a few more items. After that, it was not necessary to return, so it was decided to omit this aspect because it did not affect the experience nor the gameplay of the map


  • Build a Cobblestone generator.
  • Build a house.
  • Expand the island.
  • Make a melon farm.
  • Make a pumpkin farm.
  • Make a sugarcane farm.
  • Make a wheat farm.
  • Make a giant red mushroom.
  • Craft a bed.
  • Make 64 stone bricks.
  • Make 20 torches.
  • Make an infinite water source.
  • Craft a furnace.

This is also the first post after the re-branding 🙂

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