Space Shenanigans Delta – Ep. 1

Strange things are going down in Delta, and it is your mission to survive the journey. Luckily, you have a robotic AI called Azalea to help you through the mission in this first episode. Space Shenanigans Delta is a map that was originally started by SkyGames but has been continued by a team called Shapeshift Studios. Follow your compass to guide you to the next objective.

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Shapeshift Studios

One comment

  1. Map is kinda broken.

    • Well I mean the map isn’t broken, but the audio just stopped half way through.

      • Hello ThatOneGuy, thank you for your review. Our team will be sure to take a step up and work on our Audio. We are sorry this has occurred. On our next episode, we are going to make the map 10 times better for everyone!

  2. This is a good creation, but needs more to make it feel like a story. It feels more like a ported map than an original adventure.

  3. This is a great map, but it is kind of plain. It needs more storyline, but otherwise, the detail and effort is great!

  4. We had so much fun making this for you guys! We hope that everyone enjoys our creation!

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