v1.2 FFC WW2 Gun Addon Pack

Lots of new blocks

This Addon has world war items and blocks that will change the role playing aspect of the game if you are doing role play, cinematic videos, or just want to have fun with these new items and blocks.

  • Items Replaced:
  • Bow – Gewehr
  • Crossbow – Winchester Model 1912
  • Snowball – Thompson
  • XP bottle – MP 40
  • Ender Pearl – Karabiner 98k
  • Fishing Rod – Bar M1918
  • Egg – Luger
    Important Items Replaced:
  • Totem – Military Radio Phone
  • Shield – Metal Shield
    Hidden Feature: Wearing the Pumpkin on your head gives you a night vision display.

Changelog: (12/15/2019)

– Now updated code for v1.14 Minecraft
– Skeleton, Zombie, Stray will not burn in daylight
– Updated some naming typos (US English, and UK English)
– Updated gun behaviors to handle up to v1.14+ (Beta version is still not included)

Archived Versions

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  2. Downloaded this game

  3. There was a typo.
    “SnowBow” was supposed to be called “Snowball”

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