What happens now?

We have not released any content in a while now, and received lots of emails asking if we’re doing fine.

Yes, we’re all doing fine, but are deciding to go in a different direction (mobile apps) after a few issues running this site. There was a problem with abusive users uploading infected files to our network. No users or downloads are affected (we triple checked), but it caused some carnage on our backend. It has ruined the ability to upload new files in our standard format, and that would force us to use the standard linking method communly found on other Minecraft websites which is not as fast, efficient, or safe.

There have been other issues with how things are moderated on the backend, so we all got together and decided we needed a change. This change is the mobile universe.

What does this mean for the website?

The website will still be hosted, and partners are still able to pull data from our APIs. We’re planning to host the website for as long as we can. Since the entire network is hosted elsewhere, our Chrome Extension, and Android App should still remain working , but some functionalities like sharing might not work.

If we cannot host the website anymore (due to more attacks or other issues) it will be archived on physical SSDs that will be stored and then return sometime in the future.

Where can I upload my creations?

We’ve got a new website coming soon where you can upload your creations without restrictions. It’s hosted on the same software that Wikipedia is run from due to its ease of use, and its usage of markup. You can upload much more than maps and addons there, why not write a story, or upload a video and share it? That is possible too!

Click here to download our android app!

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