Youtubers Parkour Minigame

The map creator has been working to bring you guys this map, which consists of 20 of our favorite YouTubers inducing Unspeakable, RageElixir, BrandonCrafter, LogZotZip, AGHQ and more! Each Head is 8×8 blocks with parkour around it, for you to jump and climb to the top, where you will press a button and be teleported to the next level! The map is situated in the middle of the sky, with a cloudy-themed lobby, where you can find a board of instructions so you know what to do. You can also play this map with your friends!The levels of this map will get harder as you go further in the map. Do you have what it takes to win?

Default image
Since all creations are being moved from our old website, you will need to claim this creation. Create an account, and then email with your map name and details to claim it.


  1. Love the details but it could be nice other background then skis

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